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                   Gemstone Bracelets

                       Infused w Reiki

This stile may appeal to women and men. The bracelets are made with extra quality chip bracelet and stretch cord for an easy fit.


Wear Amethist to improve concentration, memory, and other mental abilities. 

Wear Aventurine for good luck. Aveturine enhance your confidence, communication, creativity, and promote pace. Aventurine brings happiness into your life and guide you on the path of realization of your dreams.

Wear Carnelian to restore vitality and to stimulate creativity. Carnelian enhance protection against negative vibrations, and balance the chakra.


Wear Chitrine to acquire abundance and prosperity. Citrine brings happiness and optimism helping you to connect to your spirit.

Wear Flourite to allows release the free spirit within you and dissolve blocks to your personal goals. Flourite brings personal power and healing.

Wear Red Garnet to attract love, money, and abundance. Red garnet brings protection and cleanse your aura

Wear Hematite to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. Hematite boosts your self-esteem, balance the root chakra

Wear Lapis Lazuli to acquire vitality, wisdom, mental endurance and creative expression. Lapis activates your psychic center allowing to develop enhanced intuition and to access your spirit guide.

Wear Jade to attract love and magic energy.  Jade brings you wisdom, prosperity, and protection.

Wear Moonstone to enhance your perception and psychic power. It is your talisman for good future. Moonstone promote your creativity and self-expression.

Wear Crystal Quartz to receive, store, and emit energy.  It can be used as an amplifier of other stones energy. Crystal Quartz stimulates your psychic abilities. It can be used to intensify your prayer and maintain positive visualization.

Wear Rose Quartz for love, pace and harmony. It is a great stone with great positive vibrations. Love vibrations produced by this stone can penetrate deep to your cellular level reprogramming your cells for longevity. Wear Rose Quartz to attract Love

Wear Sodalite to enhance your intuition, wisdom, pace and meditation. Sodalite brings harmony between people.

Wear Snowflake Obsidian to overcome problems and improve conditions in your life. Snowflake Obsidian will balance your mind , body , and spirit. It will give you courage and inspire you with new ideas

Wear Strawberry Quartz to stimulate your heart energy centre. It will bring you pace of mind, and restore calm in your mind.  Strawberry Quartz will help you to see reality in any situation.

Wear Blue Tiger Eye to energize your body and to overcome fatigue.  It increase your concentration, balance yin/yang energy, and balance the left and right brain hemisphere.

Wear Gold Tiger Eye to bring in your heart unconditional love and compassion. Gold Tiger Eye emanate vibrations that promote pace and calm in the times of great changes and disturbance.

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